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Nova instruments LLC is one of international suppliers of advanced sensors. Our products include acceleration sensor, tiltmeter, accelerometer, vibration sensor, angle sensor, electronic level meter and inertial navigation unit (IMU) products as well as a package of solutions for data acquisition. Based on the premise of advanced sensor technology and the Engineer for more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Nova instruments LLC is committed to provide all kinds of standard or customized OEM services for high-end application customers. Our sensors are often used in the most critical parts of the equipment. Under the support of our products or measurement scheme, our customers won the exact measurement of every time in the field of rail transportation, road and bridge monitoring, defense electronics, engineering machinery, aerospace, industrial and automotive testing.

Lifetime Guarantee
Standard products have 1 years of warranty and customized products have lifetime warranty (replacement parts charged). In addition, customers can buy extended warranty (3 years or 5 years). We provide the most competitive and reliable products to ensure customer's each measurement. All our production and agent products can enjoy free calibration and regular maintenance during warranty.

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