Why Should You Buy Tiltmeter From Nova?

Due to the constantly changing plate tectonic scenario in the Earth, the requirement of tiltmeter is increasing day by day because it is the device that can measure even the subtle changes in the inclination of the surface of the Earth. Therefore, it’s essential to detect the volcanic as well as seismic activities. Even it is effective to determine whether a glacier expands or collapse because of the freezing or melting process. Hence, it is needless to say that the value of tiltmeters is priceless for the geologists as it is a sensitive inclinometer that they require to use every now and then.


Now, when it comes to choose a tiltmeter that can offer high standard service and top class reliability, it is almost needless to say that people have to take optimal care and indulge in-depth research. Here comes the importance of buying this product from Nova Instruments LLC that is one of the most reputable international suppliers of advanced sensors. But instead of relying on its product blindly, you should keep an eye on the features and advantages of their product and the reasons that may lead to buy the instrument from Nova Instruments LLC.


Key Features of Nova Instruments’s Tiltmeters

The company offers high standard and fully reliable tiltmeters and that also in a comparatively low cost. These tiltmeters meet most of the tilt angle measurement requirements of different industries including research and commercial sectors. All these tiltmeters offers a wide range of output modes so that it can match with the client’s requirements. In addition, once you choose this electronic tiltmeter offered by the international supplier, you can obtain several additional services like linearity filter, periodic calibration and temperature correction. Even you may get the sensor integrated solutions from the measurement, collection and record to control.

Wide Range of Products from Tiltmeters

Unlike other suppliers, the company offers a wide range of products on different types of tiltmeters so that they can meet various requirements of various customers. Once you contact the company or browse through its site, you are able to explore different types of products including Tilt Switch A1, OEM Modules M120, NA4000, NA3000, NA5000, NA6000 and so on. Now all these products are effective for serve different purposes. For example, if you are looking for this electronic equipment for leveling purpose, NA6000 is the best while for multiple purposes NA4000 should be your ideal choice.

Lifetime Guarantee

When you are investing on such sensitive equipment, it is essential to take the decision wisely so that the amount you are investing will not be wastage at all. However, it is also true that no one can assure about the eternality of performance of machine. You don’t know when you may face any problem. But if you buy tiltmeter from Nova Instrument LLC, you can be assured with minimum 1 year warranty on its standard products and lifetime warranty on customized products. Only in case of replacement of parts, you need to pay the costs. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the warranty of its products for an extended period, you have the option of buying extended warranty.

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